An Insight into "How to" Programming


The title doesn't exactly give away what I am hinting at here, wait I'll explain, this is not gonna be about some magical way of learning Python(or any other language) to open up you're entry into the World of AI, for company interviews, or for whatever reason you think you need to learn this particular programming language rather, we'll talk about how soo many people on the internet try to look for the ways to teach themselves through different articles,video courses, blogs blah blah and still doesn't feels like their stuck in this loop where they can't seem to move forward

Is it you or the all of stuff present on the internet doesn't make sense ?

So I'll highlight few of the questions that comes into the picture that basically hinders you're progress , if you're even making it. Whoa is this stuff really for me? Is this course good enough ? Should i go for another course. There's a range of people who gives up before starting , some gives in middle somewhere and there are people who finishes up the courses and still feel lost. Let's come to the point Have you ever tried to wonder what's wrong ? did you stop and try to figure out what is the problem here ? did you even approach this as a problem solution kind of a situation. The problem here is not that you're dumb or you're not putting enough efforts. The problem is that you're not trying to solve the problem itself and to do that it requires Analysis. Don't worry I'll help you with that, me and you we're in this Problem Analysis together my friend. I've compiled a few of the situations here , Let's take a look at them

  • Rule no. 1 is there should be a GOAL. As in learning python for penetration testing , CP,machine learning , AI , networking etc. You see a programming language like python is used for so many purposes, before even you start learning it you should try thinking about the domain first. That's the same with anything you learn, you need to know about the applications too. Hell the first person who created computer would've tried to achieve something (calculations probably) , funny thing is most of the people nowadays don't even know that.

  • Second would be Practice and Implementation, so what's the point if you learn x and then can't do X, my point being how to and where to apply a concept matters and you won't learn it in the course, To do that Practice is even more essential. I would suggest reading other people's code or blogs or articles helps you to gain ideas But All of this make sense when you're trying to figure out something in a particular subject or say practice ( hinting about the first rule).

  • You can always figure out to write loops and other basic stuff stop learning them again and again. Keep track of things that you know, that you want to learn and things that you find particularly difficult. cause what doesn't kill you just makes you stronger

  • Keeping track of you're progress and reading the research of other people will take you very far in life. Cause it takes time to gain experience and lot of time is what we the fast pace generation doesn't have , well some people doesn't agree but meh.I know this doesn't sound very useful but yeah keeping track is one of the important thing, it's like looking back at what are things you learnt or achieved and hell yeah, it keeps you motivated so why not.

  • I think people think it's a journey from learning a language to building someting but why don't we just try to go from a building something to the language ,wouldn't that just enable us to learn the language and project at the same time , so what if you spend some extra little time researching about the language itself when you're stuck, that's when you actual learn and remember stuff.

So these are some of the ideas that I had and I suppose i make it clear to people that sometimes it just requires a different angle and to just redefine the problem so that it makes sense to you. I apologize to anybody or everybody who might find the contents of this article hurtful but cut me some slack guys It's my first post what did you expect !? If this article sparks any ideas or expressions feel free to comment and criticise. I would definitely love to hear your thoughts on this.

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